Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tutorial: Pillowcase Sleep-mats

4 pillows
4 pillowcases
coordinating thread
coordinating ribbon
and a sewing machine

Step 1:
 Take 2 of your pillowcases and line them up, so that the openings are on the same side. Sew along one of the long sides.  Then take another pillowcase and line it up along the unsewn, long side. Make sure that the openings are on the same side.  Sew together along the long side of the pillowcase. Repeat the process again with the last pillowcase.  

Step 2:
On the final pillowcase, on the unsewn side, attach a ribbon (to tie-up your sleep-mat, when you are not using it).  I used my arm span to measure out the ribbon (not very scientific, I know).

Step 3:
Stuff your sleep-mat with your pillows.

Step 4:
Add kid and enjoy your new, comfy sleep-mat!