Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial: carseat canopy first tutorial, let's see how this goes. I'm starting with something pretty easy, so hopefully I don't mess it up. I know that you can already find quite a few "carseat canopy tutorials" on the internet, but this is Amie's version (that I'm stealing for this tutorial). 

2 pieces of fabric, 1 yard each 
some coordinating thread 
some coordinating ribbon 
something to mark your fabric with 
a large plate 
and a sewing machine 

 Step 1:
Lay out your fabric wrong sides together. Trim edges if needed, to make both fabrics the same size.

Step 2:
Use the large plate to trace a curve around all four corners (of both fabrics).  Cut rounded corners.

Step 3:
With wrong sides still together, sew around edge, leaving a 1" seam allowance.

Step 4:
Lay your canopy over the car seat, so it is positioned how you want it. Mark where you want the ties to be. Then lay your canopy out flat and line up your ribbons with the marks that you made.  Pin and sew your ribbons to the canopy. (I just sewed back and forth several times to make sure the ribbon was secure. And I always seal the edges of my ribbon by melting it a little with a lighter)

Step 5:
Clip around the edges of your canopy (careful not to clip through your stitches) and wash to fray.

If you do accidentally clip through your stitches (like I did, twice), just mark where you did it.  Then when you are done clipping, go back to your sewing machine and sew back and forth over the spot a few times.

Step 6: 
Tie your new carseat canopy onto your carseat and enjoy! :)

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